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If you want to develop a career and continue to get promoted , English proficiency will be one of the things that need to be secured .

But the problem is with the level of activity is relatively dense , plus congestion in big cities are increasingly becoming a challenge to develop English language skills got a serious challenge , especially for professional workers .

It is like a vicious circle for professionals who are already too late to learn English . Center Director FX EF Mimi Kaida said that the reason people do not want to learn English or do not have time to practice speaking English again because of his work respectively . Such work .

Especially the adults. Though learning English is important for those who work every day dealing with strangers , such as chat , references in English, meetings with strangers .

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Written by Robin on October 2nd, 2013

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Who Reject Old Age Security!   no comments

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Obviously like dong! Who would refuse a guarantee in the old days? Who also hypocritically denied eligibility living facilities and in the future. Although not all of the salaries of civil servants promised.

I think the civil servants should not be concerned about the economic benefits solely or this and that’s it. Suppose the unsung heroes (teachers) who orient their dedication to educate the origin of the nation, rather than to reap a big payoff. Those that are to be applauded. Nothing should be awarded a luxury car, suffice recognized status and guarantee a decent life is enough.

I had a student who aspires to dedicate as educators can expect to be recognized employee rights by the state. Not merely for the material, but leaning to guarantee the future of course.

Written by Robin on October 1st, 2013

Young Indonesian Entrepreneur So the craze   no comments

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Indonesian public interest , in particular young people , to become an entrepreneur or self-employment is very large . Evidently, participants or Ideafest Creative Industry Forum held Otovate Group , has increased 50 compared to the previous year .

Oktovate Group CEO Bernhard Soebiakto said it had held a double Ideafest . First in 2011 with the number of participants who attend 750 thousand people , and the second was held on 27-28 September 2013, which was attended by 1,100 participants .

He added, high growth entrepreneurial movement is inseparable from the support of the media and education as well as many figures who taught that economic growth was supported by the emergence of many entrepreneurs

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Written by Robin on September 30th, 2013

Find a Job Baseball Programs Should Match   no comments

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Fresh graduate is actually no need to choose appropriate department or field work in college. Because the knowledge gained in college, not just a matter of academic science, but about the mindset and perspective.

Actually it does not have to work in the same field with the college. Because it is a job which requires any perspective and mindset. Graduates of agricultural or fisheries could be a reporter, and then graduate to the ministry of communication could also mining because there are public relations field.

if the work that was involved was not in accordance with field studies majors, not necessarily the knowledge they gained unused. Because they get a lot of one thing in college mindset.

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Written by Robin on September 27th, 2013

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What the Heck Wanted Fresh Graduate?   no comments

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Difficulty getting a job that should be the main issue faced by college graduates. Actually, what is sought after by the industry in ourselves fresh graduate?

Human Resource (HR) PT Kideco Jakarta Ochlis stated, before asking what is needed by the industry, job seekers just have to ask yourself about the desired job. Ochlis calls, it is important to look at the suitability of education with jobs on offer.

Firstly, they should know what to look for. Do not force the industrial graduates applying for positions in mining. That’s not going to match the needs of the search.

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Written by Robin on September 26th, 2013